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Bali Island is one of the best known of more than 17,000 Indonesian islands. Bali is located east of Java island where the capital city of Indonesia – Jakarta, is located. Bali is 153 km wide from east to west and 112 km from north to south. In Bali you can find more than 300 km of beaches surrounded by palm trees and tropical vegetation. The highest point is the active volcano Mount Agung (3142 m). The center of the island is mountainous and the south becomes more flat.
Bali is ideal for people who are looking for an exotic vacation lying on the beach and enjoying the luxury hotels and shopping, as well as for surf lovers and sportspeople
Conditions are ideal for holidays the whole year - when the average temperature is about 28 ° C and 27 ° C sea temperature- but in the rainy season (November to March) there is alternating sun and brief, light tropical rain. While April to October is the dry season here and the sun shines all day.

The most popular destinations for holidays in Bali are: Nusa Dua, Sanur and Kuta – a 6km long beach of golden sand with numerous clubs, shops and opportunities for surfing. The most interesting places to visit there are:  Besakih (the largest temple complex), Bedugul (a Lake Temple), Kintamani (crater of the volcano and Lake Batur), Tanah Lot (seaside sanctuary), Alas Kedaton (monkey forest), Mengvi (Imperial shrine surrounded by moats), Goa Lawah (Bat Cave), a ritual dance - Kecak (dance men by Hindu saga) and rice fields.

To experience the excitement of Bali shopping, we recommend going and leaving the resorts and going inland or to local markets to haggle over every purchase! Traffic in Bali is very light and you can use a number of taxis or minibuses. To enjoy different places - try renting a motorcycle or car.

The island offers countless activities: scuba diving, rafting, water sports, safari, trekking, golf, etc. After these vigorous activities you can enjoy a massage in a number of spa centers or you can do yoga.

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